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New Stills from Deathly Hallows Part 2

New photos have been released for Deathly Hallows Part 2.  As more and more pictures are released, we can expect another trailer to be released soon as well.  One of the pictures shows some of the crew members and some lighting.  Pretty cool and getting everyone excited for the new movie.  Now, some more information on the final film.

Apparently there was a sneak preview before the editing process.  Very few people were invited to this showing (about 50) and it was definitely in draft form.  There were no sound effects, music, etc.  From the description of this preview, it would have been pretty funny to see what the movie looked like without any editing.  I envision several awkward moments where there should definitely be music and there is just silence.  Anyways, the word got out about the final battle scene.  The final movie is only about 2 hours long, and the final battle is apparently 1 – 1.5 hours.  For everyone who complained about the climax of all of the other movies, this movie should shut you up.  I am a little nervous for the first half hour, because it seems like they have a lot to fit in that time if the battle at Hogwarts is really 1 – 1.5 hours.

Also, it appears that everything is sticking pretty close to the book.  Nothing stood out as a major problem and all questions appear to be answered.  I cannot wait for the final scene of the movie.  I hope they include the last chapter of the book.  I am interested to see how they incorporate that, or if they will at all.

Enjoy the pictures!  I will add more as they come.


Harry Potter Tattoos

For anyone who knows me, they know that I am very interested in tattoos.  What has been interesting to me, lately, has been Harry Potter tattoos.  I have seen a few tattoos that are done very well and others that look terrible.  Now, it is a huge jump to get a tattoo, let alone a Harry Potter tattoo.  As you will see with some of these pictures, some people should have been consulted before finalizing the ink.  I was trying to think of something from the series that I would consider getting tattooed on my body.  Really, there wasn’t anything that stuck out to me that tipped me over the edge.  I have always joked that getting the dark mark tattooed on my forearm would be sweet, but in reality it is just a terrible idea.

I will let you be the judge as to whether or not a Harry Potter tattoo is ever acceptable.


Which Broom?

First, I would like to thank everyone for continuing to come to my site.  This is my 4th site (I think) and so far it has done the best, so thank you again.

Now on to the fun stuff.  I was recently thinking about the Wizarding world and how J.K. didn’t actually come up with it.  There were many before her that created the idea that witches rode brooms as a means of transportation and that a wand is necessary to perform magic; how else is the rabbit supposed to appear in the top hat?  She did, however, manipulate the world that was created before her.  The idea that each wand is different and that it chooses the wizard/witch, or the fact that wands are infused with something (dragon heartstring, etc.) that makes them magical.  And then there is the broom.  Unless I missed something, I had never heard of a wizard riding a broom before.  I was always under the impression that only witches rode brooms.  On top of that, using a broom for sport?  No way.

Going along the idea of having a different wand core, J.K. also created different brooms.  You have the Shooting Star, Nimbus 2000, Nimbus 2001, Cleansweep 6, Comet 260 and then the obvious: Firebolt.  Now what most people do not know is that there are many other kinds of brooms that are either never mentioned, or are only mentioned once, such as: Bluebottle, Moontrimmer, Silver Arrow, and Oakshaft 79.

Most of the above information can be found in Quidditch Through the Ages.

When it comes to the specs of each broom, there are many things to consider: weight, aerodynamics, length, speed, etc.  J.K. gave each of these brooms a different set of specs.  This may seem completely unnecessary and irrelevant, but it is extremely interesting.  If anything, you can use this information as a sort of trivia for your friends.  I would ask you what broom you would choose, but everyone would choose the Firebolt so it isn’t worth asking.

I will be starting Chapter by Chapter within the next few days, so look out for that.

Thanks again and feel free to send any discussion suggestions my way.

An Interesting Thought…

Mrs. Figg

On twitter, I follow a person named thehpsecrets.  I have no idea how this person manages to gain information about J.K. Rowling and her th0ughts, but after doing some research it is all credible.  A recent tweet from thehpsecrets states: “Rowling had only suffered writer’s block badly once, and that was during the writing of Chamber of Secrets.”

My first reaction to this was, “Duh, that book is so slow in the middle, it makes sense that she would have had writers block.”  But then I began to think about this from a different angle.  Of all seven books, she only had a base instance of writers block ONCE.  The amount of detail that is put into the books, and all of the different character developments, and she only suffered one bad instance of writers block.  I’m sure there were other times when she needed to stop because her thoughts weren’t coming together as clearly as she would have liked, but obviously it wasn’t enough for her to comment on.

Another tweet from thehpsecrets caught my attention and then added to my previous thought process.  The tweet stated: “Mrs. Figg makes her living by breeding Kneazles.”  This fact about Mrs. Figg is 100% irrelevant.  Why is this even worth knowing?  It shows the amount of detail the J.K. goes into to write the Harry Potter books.

I am currently re-reading (listening) the series and have tried to pay closer attention to the little details.  I know all of the characters, plot lines, etc., but I wanted to see if I could get a glimpse of these ‘insignificant’ details.  I have found myself stopping to re-read a few sentences, but it has been those sentences that have grown my appreciation for her writing.

What are some things that you have caught in the books that were only mentioned once?  It may be worth re-reading to find this little gems.

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Thank you for stopping by my page!  I hope that you will enjoy all of the items that will be discussed.  I am excited to see what will come of this page and know that there are fans out there that will enjoy discussing this series.  The first question that I would like to pose to the people is: Who is your favorite character and why?  Nice and easy first question to get the ball rolling.

Dumbledore's Army

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Trailer

Trailer for the 2nd part of Deathly Hallows